Penta Automazioni Industriali S.r.I.

We provide flexible and high-quality solutions to service automation Penta Automazioni Industriali was founded in 1991 with the aim of offering solutions to automate the production of paper, aluminum, ceramics, natural stone and concrete products. At the beginning, our business embraced five different manufacturing sectors (hence the name "Penta", from the Greek word meaning "five") but later we have specialized on concrete and natural stone industry needs, and this has become our field of activity.
From the beginning of our business we have focused on the extreme flexibility of our plants.
Every handling, seconday processes, stacking and packaging plant for concrete and natural stone products has been designed and built according to the different needs of each customer lika a tailor-made suit, so every installation is a rare example.
This has always been the lead value and the key to success for Penta, and so we have gained the pleasure and trust of all our customers.
Built in our factory in Molinella (Bologna), our systems represent the true essence of Made in Italy: unique design and high quality, attention to detail, innovation in connection with tradition

The flexibility of our handling, secondary processes, stacking and packaging plants for concrete and natural stone products is completed by a wide range of customized services that enable us to follow our customers before, during and after the installation of the required plant. The mechanical, electrical and software realisation are carried out in-house by our engineers and qualified and skilled technicians. This fundamental added value, together with our know-how gained in many years of experience, aim to meet every customer needs and requirements.
Whether the customer purchases a complete plant or a single unit, it always marked the start of a long lasting relationship with Penta that is committed to always support its customers.

"Think outside the box" is our value.