Penta makes available on the market a wide range of products such as automatic handling systems essential to produce high quality concrete and natural stone products. Penta undisputed and indisputable ability to design handling systems following the specific requirements and needs of each client are combined to realise the most economic production system.

Penta pays attention especially for the safety of its plants and provides all the safety equipments needed to protect the plant and to avoid any risks for the technicians in charge. Just after the installation and start up of all the safety equipments, Penta staff can start up the entire plant. All Penta installations comply with applicable regulations and legislations for the different countries. 

Handling systems for concrete and natural stone products

  • Handling system for the production of pavers, blocks and kerbs
  • Handling system for the production of slabs
  • Handling system for the production of concrete pipes
  • Handling system for the production of special products
  • Storage plants
  • Stacking and packaging plant for concrete and natural stone products
  • Customized handling systems
  • Plants integrated with robots
  • Turnkey plants and solutions

Ageing systems

  • Caleidos
  • Quality control system for rumbled products
  • Automatic stacking plant for rumbled products
  • Caleidos Line

Secondary processes

  • Splitting plant
  • Pitching machine > Nippy
  • Shot blasting plant 
  • Washing systems
  • Systems to introduce polystyrene inserts inside blocks
  • Systems to protect treaded surfaces