At your service since 1991


Consultation | We will visit your factory to study, research and design the machines to find the best solution according to your production, aging, splitting, handling, etc. needs and spaces available and we will modify and adjust the project until your expectations have been achieved.

Pre-assembling | We will assemble, pre-wire and test your installation at Penta's in order to verify and control its operation mode before the shipment. This will allow to reduce the duration of the installation at your site. 
Assembling and commissioning | Once your plant has been tested at Penta's, we will dismantle and load it on suitable means of transport. When it arrives at your building our skilled and qualified technicians will carry out the installation and the commissioning.

Training of your technicians | From the very beginning of the installation and commissioning your technicians will join our qualified team and will be trained to work in full autonomy.



Maintenance | A good maintenance is fundamental for the safety of your staff and for the efficiency of your plant. Penta also makes available routine and extraordinary maintenance service to its handling, aging and secondary processes plants for concrete and natural stone products. Trust Penta to take care of your plant and plan its mechanical and electrical maintenance and the software upgrade in order ot keep the plant up-to-date.

Retrofit | We can study your existing plants to analyse where we should operate and where we should replace or add some equipments in order to extend the life of your installation. 
Spare parts | We know that spare parts are necessary to maintain plant always efficient and performing and having a kit of them always available prevent from downtime in the production. For this reason Penta provides its clients quickly and efficiently with the spare parts they need. 
Remote Assistance and On-Site Support | Our technicians are at your disposal to plan and carry out interventions for software update, tuning and modifications of your system functions both at your site and by internet connection. Our technicians are always available also to assist you and to solve any possible anomaly or breakdown or error of your plant.