Rumbling plant with cylinder for concrete blocks pavers and natural stone products

The CALEIDOS aging plant has been designed to rumble and repack concrete blocks and pavers and natural stone products with different shape and size. 
The tumbling process is completely automatic and it is possible to age mono size and multi size pavers. Once aged the stones are automatically stacked for re-building the pack. 

Penta can provide several different solutions to introduce the products inside the cylinder (i.e. hoppers, tippers, de-stacking grippers, etc) according to the customer’s needs and requests.
All these solutions allow to control and limit the automatic upload of the cylinder, indeed the quantity of pavers inside the cylinder can be regulated and programmed. The rotation of the cylinder ages and rounds the concrete blocks that are then introduced into the centrifuge. This rotating table can align the aged stones in one straight line that is transferred to the selection area.
Here, an extremely precise scanner equipped with laser sensors can detect all the aged products even the ones with special shapes and sizes. In just 2 seconds the scanner can recognize: 
- the size of the products
- the position of each stone in the line
- possible breakages 
- possible broken edges both on the upper and on the lower surface
- the visible face (face mix or textured surfaces)

According to the production needs, if we are handling textured concrete pavers, the detecting system can identify if the textured surface is the upper or the lower one. If it is the lower one, then the sorting gripper will put all the stones which need to be turned by 180° on the turning device, so the visible surface is always the upper one on the finish sales pack. 
Apart from the analysis of the dimensions, this detecting system is able to carry out a quality control of the concrete blocks. This optional function can be selected by the customers according to the production needs.

The stones that are not in compliance with the pre-set recipes and tolerances will be automatically ejected while the others are picked up by a gripper provided with independent gripping fingers that puts the pavers in the different lanes of the programming bench according to their dimensions. 
The rows are moved toward the stacking area where a controlled axis cuber operates; it picks up and stacks them building a pack. The packs can be built on a pallet or not according to the production needs and to the market requests. Once we have reached the set height for the pack, it moves along the out-feed line where it is possible to install packaging machines. 
Indeed Penta can provide different solutions to move and stack the ready packs, but also several machines to protect the treated surfaces such as sheet, correx and web placers, and can also integrate its systems with packing machines like strapping or hooding machines. 

Like all Penta-designed systems, the Caleidos plant is characterized by great versatility, so it can be adapted to the available space and each component can be designed to meet your production needs.