In line aging machine for concrete pavers, blocks and slabs

Penta wants to offer its customers the full range of machines for the secondary treatments, therefore driven by the continuous evolution of the markets, Penta has developed the Caleidosline machine. This system is designed for the artificial aging or antiquing of concrete pavers, blocks and slabs.

Caleidosline it’s a fully automatic machine that can be installed whether on the dry line, between the lowerator and the cubing station, or off-line as a stand-alone machinery, but it can also be connected to other treatments machines.
The Caleidosline can create different and various aging effects and thanks to its flexibility, it is able to suit all the different markets and trends. All the variables that contribute to the achievement of a specific aging effect can be saved and reused at any time.

The Caleidosline machine is able to age concrete pavers on end too, by laying them down just before the aging process. If required, it can treat both sides of the stones and once aged the pavers are re-placed on the production board or duly stacked in packs accordingly.
The products that the Caleidosline machine can treat have height from 50 up to 200 mm and thanks to the patented aging rollers, it’s able to round the corners of the stones and to age the surfaces as well.
The cycle time is around 13 seconds so the machine can keep up with the production flow.