Production plant for slabs

Penta products assortment includes also complete facilities for the production, refinement and packaging of concrete slabs.
The fully-automated handling systems are devised and designed following the specific requirements of the customer linking these skills with the achievement of the most economical and efficient production flow.

The quality of good slabs is also determined by the quality of the equipment used for their production and handling. To transfer, buffer and store fresh and cured tiles, Penta proposes a vast variety of proven solutions.
Penta puts particular attention to the handling of fresh tiles and therefore the slabs are carefully handled by vacuum grippers that offer multiple advantages like versatility, speed and flexibility.
This care in handling the fresh tiles contributes in the achievement of quality products.

All Penta grippers are equipped with servo motors that ensure the exact pick up and place positions with adjustable acceleration/deceleration ramps.
The production of the slabs can be expanded for including any secondary process like shot-blasting or washing.
While building the stack of cured slabs (that can be realized following customer’s requests) Penta plants can be integrated with protection sheets for the surfaces and with the required packaging machines.