Penta's solutions to handle and stack your products

From the production, up to the secondary processes, Penta can provide several solutions to handle and stack the products that can be integrated with all other Penta's systems, and even with other existing installations, and can be duly supplied with the lines and conveyors needed.

The stacking of finished concrete products is made using suitable systems, such as grippers and robots, Penta staff will consider the needs and requests of each client in order to provide the most suitable solution.
Our grippers are designed to satisfy all production needs and requests and can be adapted to handle concrete and natural stone pavers, blocks, and any other kind of product with different shapes and dimensions. Whether the need is to handle a single paver or a complete layer, Penta will study the must suitable, convenient and efficient solution and will customize it according to the customer's needs. Void packs or vertical stack of the slabs are just some of the countless possibilities Penta can offer and, thanks to the versatility of our equipment, it is possible to desig and use them for nearly endless purposes.

The stacking system can also be integrated with re-pattern equipments of products, pallets dispensers, grippers to move the finished packs, equipments to insert protective sheets or wood sticks between the layers, packaging systems (i.e. strapping machine and rope placers, etc.) and many more.