Fully automatic plant to repackage rumbled concrete and natural stones

One of the most important challenges that have been presented to Penta over the years has certainly be to conceive a plant that was able to re-stack the rumbled stones coming from the drum in a completely automatic way. Since forever Penta has been satisfying its customers with the Caleidos repackaging plant for rumbled stones. Indeed this system is used along with any existing drum and it can handle both single and multi size concrete pavers and blocks for automatically repackage them. The extremely high reliable system allows to handle even very special shape products without any human touch as we know the safety and health of your operators is a big important issue.

Recently we have improved our repackaging system integrating it with a quality control system. This unique system carries out the quality control on the rumbled stone letting only the good pavers to be stacked. Penta's systems are flexible and allow handling different pavers and blocks and so it is possible to build packs according to the packaging strategies and requirements. Void packs, pallet less packs, double packs are just some example of the flexibility we can achieve with our system.
Caleidos repackaging plant is the ultimate system for re-ordering and re-building the pack for your rumbles pavers and blocks.

We don’t have any plant ready on the shelves, our strength is to tailor each plant on the customer’s needs so we will study your existing equipment, we will listen to your requirements and we will design the perfect plant for you.