Customized systems to protect treated surfaces of your pavers, blocks and slabs

We are aware that treated products must be duly protected against any accidental damage that can occur during stacking and transport.
To this purpose Penta Automazioni Industriali S.r.l. can offer various solutions to protect the most delicate and valuable products. Indeed from the very beginning of our activity we have been designing specific automatic equipments to introduce nets or plastic sheets between the layers of product. These machines work synchronized with the grippers that build the packs of finished products to insert the plastic or other material sheets between the layers of product according to the production needs.
The sheets can be inserted also by grippers designed specifically for this purpose, indeed these grippers pick up the ready sheets directly from the stacks.
Penta con also offer solutions to put ropes between slabs or, again, plastic shavings.
Beside the grippers it is also possible to use highly precise robots that can insert wood sticks between the layers of blocks or kerbs.
These are just some examples of the solutions we have been installing, but we are always ready to design and install new customised solutions to satisfy any possible need and demand.